We started in 2008. It took 10 years to develop a reliable trading system. We apply this to forex, stocks, and futures. Our purpose here is to share our knowledge with others.

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Our main trader and system developer use this alias in webinars, videos, chat rooms, and social media.

The Good, the Bad and the Market

The Good, the Bad and the Market.

Our newsletter posts the trades that went for a win as the good ones; the bad are those in which we trade and something we missed and produced losses. The ugly are those in, besides we found everything right, the market didn´t go in the direction we trade. By general rule, in these, we break even or with some profit.



1. Why we have free indicators? Because the idea is to give some help to traders. We did not invent the CCI, or RSI, only develop a more powerful way to use them.