AlphaMale (AM) is a propietary algortim. It has two major components: AlphaMale (AM) and Exhausted Trading Lines (ET). In a strict sense, real-time is needed to get the areas of interest because the calculation of this indicator is based on statistical and tape reading data. The target of AlphaMale is to find out where Big Money players had put money in the market. So, it is somehow related to Volume Profile. It´s advisable to have a solid background in Volume Profile Theory.

Exhausted Trading Lines (ET) are the opposite concept of AlphaMale (AM). It points out the place where so little volume was required to move to the final price. Easy, Isn´t it? But experience shows us that, in most cases, an AlphaMale appears at the same price level. So, ET lines are useful because they are resistance and support. Think about it: if the instrument moves easily frome some price level to another, the movement could change speed or direction when it founds a resistance volume.

Both indicators points out WHERE TO TRADE ONLY. They are not coded to responds if you must trade at that price level. ALWAYS TRADE AT THE TOP OR BOTTOM OF ET LINES or at the BEGINNIG OR END OF AlphaMale, only few setups are intended inside AM.

Understanding AlphaMale

Understanding Exhausted Trading Lines


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