What is a Divergence?

Divergence in trading is when the price of a financial product is moving in the opposite way or the indicator. So, if the market is going up but the indicator is lower, the divergence is triggered. Also, when the product is going further and the indicator is lagging, a “hidden” divergence appears.

About Cumulative Delta

Delta is a measure of the difference between the volume bought at the ask and that of the sellers selling at the bid. As big money usually does not  trade limit orders, this Delta Value is considered the volume of the players of the market.


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Indicators included

Cumulative Delta, MACD, Momentum, Fisher Transform, RSI, Stochastics, Stochastics RSI, CCI

Double MACD

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Important note

It´s not advisable to trade only regarding the Divergence. You need other indicators: for example, if the trend is up, you trade only bullish divergences and vice-versa. Also, you do not trade if the indicator is against the trend. Please see our Youtube channel for more info about the use of this indicator.

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